Typical Industries

On this page you will find a short overview of typical industries in which our metal spinning, flow forming and related machines are used for.


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Typical Industries

Aerospace Applications
turbine parts, cylinders, tubes, cones (spinners / nose cones), rings, engine lipskins, nozzles, wheels (rims), cabin ventilation parts, fuel tank domes, exhaust components, ...
aerospace industry sample parts 
Typical Machinery:
aerospace industry typical machinery 

Automotive Applications
wheels, rims, wheel discs, pulleys, filter bodies, silencers, catalytic converter housings, various exhaust parts, various transmission parts, clutch housings, hollow shafts, CNG cylinders, accumulators, airbag cylinders, various antique auto parts, ...
automotive sample parts 
Typical Machinery:
automotive typical machinery 

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), Fans, Blowers & Related Applications
heating systems parts, ventilation system parts, air conditioning parts, cones, shrouds, fans, blowers, housings, hoods, vents, covers, guards, flanges, bellmouths, end caps, dampers, couplers, reducers, ...
hvac typical sample parts 
Typical Machinery:
HVAC parts typical machinery 

Job Shop Applications
We have machinery for all your chipless metal forming job shop needs: machines for metal spinning, shear forming, flow forming, wheel forming, pulley forming, tube necking-in / closing, rotary forging, trimming & beading, flanging, roll knurling, circle shears, custom applications, roll bending, polishing, grinding, deburring, brightening, ....
Typical Machinery:
job shops - typical machinery 

Lighting (Illumination) Applications
reflectors, can lights, lamp housings, lamp shades, barn lights, automotive housings, street lighting components, parabolic reflectors, theatre stage lighting parts, spot lights, heating lamp shades, motorcycle light housings, underwater light housings, outdoor lighting parts, lamp poles, ...
lighting sample parts - DENN 
Typical Machinery:
lighting - typical machinery - DENN, MEPSA 

Pressure Vessels, Cylinders, Bottles & Related Applications
aluminum liners, high pressure cylinders, CNG bottles, transport cylinders, fire extinguishers, racing cylinders, SCUBA cylinders, sampling cylinders, accumulators, steel cylinders, paintball cylinders, emergency breathing cylinders, military cylinders, aerospace cylinders, medical cylinders, airbag cylinders, ...
bottles - sample parts 
Typical Machinery:
bottle production - typical machinery 

Tanks, Storage, Boilers & Related Applications
tanks heads, tanks, storage vessels, cryogenic tanks, boilers, cement mixer drums, bowls, waste containers, flanged & dished heads, domes, hemispheres, lids, cups, ...
tank parts - sample parts 
Typical Machinery:
tank parts productions - typical machinery 

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Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN NTR-100/30 CNC (Industry 4.0) metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN eSPIN-100 CNC metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Spun Sample parts

Shown on right: sample parts spun on DENN CNC spinning & shear-forming machines

DENN Flow Forming, Shear Forming, Spinning Machines

Shown on right: a heavy duty chipless metal forming machine for operations such as flow forming, shear forming and spinning

DENN CNC flow forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC flow forming machine

DENN wheel forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC spinning / flow forming machine for wheel manufacturing

DENN tube necking / in closing machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC tube necking-in / closing machine

DENN trimming-beading-flanging-...- machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC edge forming machine for polygonal workpieces

DENN circle and rings shears

Shown on right: a DENN circle and ring shear

themed object

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