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DENN - spun sample parts

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Our DENN CNC spinning and flow forming machines achieve superb surface finishes.

Performance Biolubes


High performance "Bio-Based" metal spinning/ forming lubricants formulated to achieve maximum productivity at the lowest price.

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Global Metal Spinning Solutions, Inc. - DENN USA Metal Forming

Dirk Palten Dirk Palten, President

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We are committed to providing quality machine tools and products, continued improvements and highest customer service standards. Each project gets thoroughly studied in order to offer the best possible production solutions and machinery to our customers. We have been leading in countless new metal formed parts research & development projects; and are instrumental in the resulting engineering and manufacture of new metal forming machinery technologies. Our accomplishments are measured by the success of our customers and our excellent reputation. We welcome you to partner with us.

DENN - Industrias Puigjaner, s.a. - https://denn.es

DENN - arial view        DENN team

DENN history

The company behind the trade name DENN is Industrias Puigjaner, s.a., Polinya (Barcelona), Spain; which was founded in 1885 and has the oldest machine-tool manufacturer license in Spain. Over 95% of DENN machines are exported throughout the world. State-of-the-art technologies and materials are used to design and manufacture all machines. The procedures used by Industrias Puigjaner, s.a. - DENN are according to ISO-9001 standards.

Commitment to research & development, use of the most modern CNC controls and software, as well as over 130 years of experience makes the DENN and Global Metal Spinning Solutions partnership a name our customers can trust.

Performance Biolubes - Castrol Industrial


Performance Biolubes manufactures a complete line of bio-based metalworking lubricants for use in metal forming, cutting, grinding, lubricating and quench applications. Performance Biolubes products provide our customers with huge productivity improvements due to their increased lubricity and thin film strength which extend tool life; improve finishes and allow higher feed rates. We also eliminate smoke and dermatitis problems. Most of the Performance Biolubes products earn a "0" health rating.

Our goals are to provide our customers with the safest and the highest performing products at the lowest possible price:

  • value with unsurpassed product performance
  • technical help, free testing and next day shipping
  • worker's protection by creating products that are safe for employees to use
  • "green" products and packaging to protect the environment

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Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN NTR-100/30 CNC (Industry 4.0) metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN eSPIN-100 CNC metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Spun Sample parts

Shown on right: sample parts spun on DENN CNC spinning & shear-forming machines

DENN Flow Forming, Shear Forming, Spinning Machines

Shown on right: a heavy duty chipless metal forming machine for operations such as flow forming, shear forming and spinning

DENN CNC flow forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC flow forming machine

DENN wheel forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC spinning / flow forming machine for wheel manufacturing

DENN tube necking / in closing machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC tube necking-in / closing machine

DENN trimming-beading-flanging-...- machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC edge forming machine for polygonal workpieces

DENN circle and rings shears

Shown on right: a DENN circle and ring shear

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