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DENN - spun sample parts

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Our DENN CNC spinning and flow forming machines achieve superb surface finishes.

Performance Biolubes


High performance "Bio-Based" metal spinning/ forming lubricants formulated to achieve maximum productivity at the lowest price.

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Your "One Stop" source! From project ideas to part design, from prototypes to large production runs, from machinery sales & setup to after sales support - we are your knowledgeable metal forming partner, supporting you in all phases of your production needs.

DENN- technologies 

Chipless Metal Forming Machinery

and Related Machine Tools

  • metal spinning machines (spinning lathes, spinforming lathes)
  • shear forming machines
  • flow forming machines (flow forming lathes)
  • wheel forming machines
  • rotary forging presses
  • tube (cylinder) necking-in & closing machines
  • trimming, beading, flanging, lock-seaming, ..., machines
  • profiling & pulley forming machines
  • circular (circle) and ring shears
  • roll knurling machines
  • light and flag pole manufacturing machinery
  • custom metal forming machines
  • used metal forming machines - retrofits/ upgrades
  • automation & robotics


Our Metal Forming Methods

Some of the metal forming methods used on our offered machinery include: metal spinning (spinforming), shear forming, flow forming, internal spinning, hot metal spinning, spinning on air, spinning of unround parts, oval spinning, expanding, flanging, internal flanging, beading, trimming, edge setting, tube (cylinder) necking in, tube (cylinder) closing, rotary forging, reducing, swaging, profiling, splitting, folding, curling, beading, ribbing, lock-seaming, parting off, machining, groove turning, groove forming, thread rolling and additional related methods. Many of these methods can be used together in one cycle.


Services & Value Added Products

  • Metal forming (spinning), deep drawing, hydroforming, stamping, machining, ..., lubricants
  • Solid wax-based metal spinning lubrication bars (spinning soaps), forge (hot forming) sticks
  • Tooling engineering & manufacturing
  • Metal spinning & flow forming rollers out of a variety of different tool steels
  • DURASPIN® material sales
  • Metal spinning & flow forming training, programming support and consulting
  • On-site service
  • Remote troubleshooting and repairs
  • Spare parts
  • Research & development, process development & simulations
  • Upgrades, retrofits, maintenance

If you are looking for fabricated parts by metal spinning, flow forming, deep drawing or related technologies, instead of machinery, then please click HERE.

It is obvious, when you deal with us, that metal forming is our passion and our life. Our customers become our trusted partners, since we fully share our technology, knowledge and success.



Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN NTR-100/30 CNC (Industry 4.0) metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN eSPIN-100 CNC metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Spun Sample parts

Shown on right: sample parts spun on DENN CNC spinning & shear-forming machines

DENN Flow Forming, Shear Forming, Spinning Machines

Shown on right: a heavy duty chipless metal forming machine for operations such as flow forming, shear forming and spinning

DENN CNC flow forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC flow forming machine

DENN wheel forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC spinning / flow forming machine for wheel manufacturing

DENN tube necking / in closing machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC tube necking-in / closing machine

DENN trimming-beading-flanging-...- machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC edge forming machine for polygonal workpieces

DENN circle and rings shears

Shown on right: a DENN circle and ring shear

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